Monthly Bookkeeping

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As a small business owner, you probably don’t have the time to manage your monthly bookkeeping. You and your staff can better spend your time and energy in meeting your business goals. The solution is to outsource your bookkeeping to a qualified accountant who can ensure that your accounts are complete, accurate and up to date at any given time.

CBO Accounting and Tax assigns a dedicated accountant to each client to provide complete monthly bookkeeping services.

Your allocated accountant will be in regular contact with you in order to ensure you have provided the required documentation needed to process your records.

Complete monthly bookkeeping reports

Each month (or on a bi-monthly basis in some situations, as required), your accountant will complete the following management reports for you, providing you with a complete and multi-faceted view of your business’s finances.

  • Trial balance year to date
  • Balance sheet year to date
  • Income statement year to date
  • Income statement month
  • Debtors age analysis (if applicable)
  • Supplier age analysis (if applicable)
  • Management and tax provision report (as agreed)

Contact CBO Accounting and Tax today if you require monthly bookkeeping in Durban, as well as payroll and tax and related services.

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