Registration Services

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Business Registration Services in Durban

Establishing and running a business comes with a number of regulatory and administrative requirements. Among these are the various registrations you need to complete to ensure that your organisation is compliant, has the required legal status, and is set up for regular transactions with tax and social security authorities.

Complete company and tax registration services

CBO Accounting and Tax has the tools and experience to carry out all the business registration services our clients require.

Our experienced staff can assist with the following registrations:

  • Company registrations – CIPC
  • Revenue Authority registrations – South African Revenue Services
  • Social Security – Department of Labour and Unemployment Insurance fund
  • Insurance – Workmen’s Compensation Department and FEM

Entrust your registrations, as well as any other accounting and taxation services in Durban to CBO. Contact us today and ask us about our business registration services.

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We Provide the Best Quality Service

Get hold of us today, and let us assist you to regain control of your business.