Vat Returns

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VAT returns in Durban

All companies in South Africa are required to submit VAT returns on a regular basis, depending on what tax period category they fall into. Regardless of which of the five categories your company is in, your VAT returns depend on regular, accurate record-keeping by a qualified accountant and tax practitioner.

CBO is a VAT returns practitioner in Durban. Based on the monthly record keeping we will ensure that your VAT submissions are submitted and paid as required. All revenue services queries, reviews or audits can also be handled by our experienced staff.

SARS VAT return categories

Each South African VAT vendor falls into one of five tax period categories:

  • Category A: VAT returns must be filed every two calendar months (January, March, May, July, September, November)
  • Category B: VAT returns must be submitted every two months (February, April, June, August, October, December)
  • Category C: VAT returns must be submitted every month
  • Category D: One VAT return must be filed every six months
  • Category E: One VAT return must be filed annually

Which category you fall into depends on a variety of criteria including what type of business you run, and the total value of your taxable supplies, among others.

If you need professional VAT returns services in Durban, as part of a complete accounting service in Durban, contact CBO Accounting and Tax.

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